YNC100-G15T--Vibration-proof pressure gauge movement

YNC100-G15T--Vibration-proof pressure gauge movement

Model No.︰YNC100-G15T


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5000 pc

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Product Description

We produce and supply all kind of Vibration-proof pressure gauge movement in China.

It is widely used to all kind of Pressure Gauges.

If you are interested in our product,please send your detailed drawing or sample for us.

So that we can offer the best price and make some samples to test for you.

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YNC100-G15T  Below information is the parameters of this movement.

Driving Ratio i=174/15=11.6 

Length of Axle L=27

Module of Gear m=0.3

Taper Ratio of Axis △=1:50

Length of Extend Up Plate Axis B1=14.1

Parallel distance of from Axis to Installed Hole A=30.5

Diameter of Installed Hole φ=3.5

Material: Brass or Stainless steel